College of American Pathologists Accreditation

In order to guarantee our quality and to be recognized as a top performer, we successfully became the first and only laboratory in Iraq to receive accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) on 14/2/2013.

College of American Pathologists Accreditation

In order to guarantee our quality and to be recognized as a top performer, we successfully became the first and only laboratory in Iraq to receive accreditation from College of American Pathologists (CAP) on 14/2/2013. This effectively makes us the only internationally recognized medical center in Iraq meaning that our tests are included in external quality control programs to ensure that results issued by our center are both highly accurate and recognized across the globe.

What is CAP accreditation? 

The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is an internationally recognized program that helps laboratories achieve the highest standards of excellence to positively impact patient care. The goal of the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is to improve patient safety and patient care by advancing the quality of pathology and laboratory services through medical education and laboratory standardization.

How is CAP accreditation awarded?

The program is based on rigorous accreditation standards that are translated into detailed and focused checklists of regulatory requirements that laboratories have to meet or exceed. These checklists provide quality practice standards for laboratories to follow, and are used by the inspection teams as a guide to assess the overall management and operation of the laboratory. Upon successful completion of the inspection process, the laboratory is awarded CAP accreditation for 2 years and becomes part of an exclusive group of more than 7,000 laboratories worldwide that have met the highest standards of excellence. This thorough inspection is repeated every 2 years and if all requirements are met, accreditation is awarded again.

CAP 0 Deficiencies

How does CAP impact patient care?

Comprehensive Evaluation of All Patient Results

All test results need to be accurate every time no matter where they are performed. The CAP accommodates all different types of laboratories so that they can maintain a consistently high level of service across an entire organization through checklists. The checklists are constantly updated to reflect current practices and technologies on good laboratory practice. Adhering to the checklists provides quality assurance for the laboratory.

Continuous Medical Education

CAP accreditation requires laboratories to continuously educate and train their laboratory personnel in the most recent updates in medical laboratory skills and techniques to maintain the highest quality laboratory performance and patient care. This is achieved through seminars, conferences and self-education.

Periodical Evaluation of Tests Through Proficiency Testing

The CAP Proficiency Testing Program is the largest laboratory peer comparison program in the world. The programs allow laboratories to regularly control the quality of their management and personnel. For this program, CAP provides individual laboratories with unknown specimens for testing. The participants analyze the specimens and return the results to CAP for evaluation. In turn, each participating laboratory receives a report of their performance as well as a report summarizing the results of all participating laboratories. If the results of an accredited laboratory does not meet the predetermined efficiency/accuracy, it has to evaluate their tests to keep the CAP accreditation.

International Recognition as a Top Performer

Over 83% of the top major teaching and large community hospitals and medical laboratories choose CAP as their accrediting agency. By achieving the highest standards in the industry, CAP-accredited laboratories gain the confidence and trust of the international medical community and also distinguish themselves as a leader committed to quality patient care.

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Medya is the premier medical diagnostic center of Kurdistan Region and the first in greater Iraq to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists, providing international standard and quality diagnostic pathology and medical imaging services to the community. Learn More

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