Chairman's Message

The idea of Medya Diagnostic Center was born from the need for a high-quality healthcare facility in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The construction of our purpose built 7500 squared meter facility was completed and doors were opened to the public in October 2008. It started off with only laboratory and radiology departments, later additions were nuclear medicine, pharmacy and polyclinics.

Medya Diagnostic Center was established with the aim of contributing to the rebuilding of the healthcare sector in Kurdistan and Iraq through 3 means; firstly, to provide healthcare services to international standards – which I am proud to say we have achieved by becoming the first and only center in Iraq to be internationally accredited. Accreditation was achieved in February 2013 by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), which means that all of our laboratory results are internationally recognized. Additionally, each of our other departments follow strict quality standards.

Our laboratory and radiology departments also perform a vast array of tests and procedures which cannot be performed at other facilities

My second aim, was to provide services not currently available has been achieved with the opening of our PET/CT department, which again, is a first for Iraq and means that cancer patients no longer have to travel abroad for diagnosis.

My third aim of proving a patient centered model of healthcare has been achieved through a combination vigorous training of our staff and a high level of international supervision and modern management information systems.

Our plans for the future is to continue to serve our community by providing an international level of healthcare services and by further expanding into medical services which cannot currently be performed in Iraq, especially in the field of nuclear medicine.

– Dana Qashani –  Chairman

About Us

Medya is the premier medical diagnostic center of Kurdistan Region and the first in greater Iraq to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists, providing international standard and quality diagnostic pathology and medical imaging services to the community. Learn More

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