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Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Our Awards, Certificates, and Publications​

These accolades, certificates, and publications serve as a testament to our continuous efforts to excel in the healthcare industry and provide exceptional care to our patients.

Internationally-Recognized Medical Facility - a First for Kurdistan:

Our medical facility has made history as the first internationally-recognized medical center in Kurdistan, signifying our commitment to providing world-class healthcare services to the region.

Medya Diagnostic Center:

As a renowned diagnostic center, we have gained recognition for our exceptional services and contributions to the medical field.

International Award in the Healthcare Sphere 'Prime Quality Standard':

We have been honored with an international award that recognizes our excellence in healthcare services, highlighting our adherence to the highest quality standards.

Project: MDC's X-ray has the highest quality:

Our X-ray project has been recognized for its outstanding quality, ensuring accurate and reliable diagnostic imaging for our patients.

Appreciation Letter from IRSRA:

We received an acknowledgment from the IRSRA (Institution for Radiological & Safety Research in Iraq) for our exceptional contributions and dedication to radiological safety.

International Accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP):

We have earned the prestigious accreditation from CAP, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality laboratory services and upholding international standards.

Leading Oncologist from India Visiting Erbil for 3 Days:

We are delighted to host a prominent oncologist from India, demonstrating our dedication to bringing top-notch expertise and medical advancements to our patients and the community.