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Medya Diagnostic Center is known for excellence in imaging services. We are proud that we were the first to establish PET/CT Scan technology for cancer diagnosis and staging in Iraq’s history


Medya Diagnostic Center is renowned for its commitment to excellence in imaging services. We take great pride in being pioneers in introducing PET/CT Scan technology for cancer diagnosis and staging in Iraq. Our PET/CT Department is led by a team of highly skilled professionals with international expertise in nuclear medicine and radiological imaging.


With our state-of-the-art PET/CT technology, we ensure that each image is tailored to address the specific clinical concerns of the referring clinicians. Our PET/CT scans provide superior diagnostic capabilities, empowering physicians to make accurate and timely diagnoses.


Our dedicated team of PET/CT technologists and nuclear medicine physicians work collaboratively to achieve the best possible results for our patients and their referring physicians. This close partnership guarantees that our patients receive the highest level of care, leading to precise diagnoses, more effective treatment plans, and improved outcomes.


At Medya Diagnostic Center, we utilize advanced PET/CT devices and employ the latest techniques to support our clinical teams in diagnosing a wide range of medical conditions. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we are committed to delivering exceptional imaging services to our patients.

PET/ CT SCAN Radioisotopes

Cancer Diagnosis

Bone Cancer Diagnosis

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

FDG PET/CT: A Powerful Tool for Cancer Diagnosis

F18-FDG, the widely utilized radiopharmaceutical in nuclear medicine, plays a crucial role in clinical practice. FDG PET/CT scanning is an essential imaging modality for cancer assessment, aiding in the diagnosis and staging of patients with newly diagnosed malignancies, as well as for evaluating residual disease or recurrence after treatment and conducting surveillance.

This advanced imaging technique has proven to be highly effective in diagnosing various types of cancers, surpassing the accuracy of traditional radiological procedures. With its exceptional sensitivity and specificity, FDG PET/CT offers valuable insights for precise cancer detection and characterization.

By combining positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT), FDG PET/CT provides comprehensive imaging capabilities. It enables physicians to visualize and evaluate metabolic activity within the body, facilitating the identification of cancerous tissues and the assessment of their extent.

At Medya Diagnostic Center, we recognize the significance of FDG PET/CT in cancer management. Our experienced team of nuclear medicine specialists utilizes this powerful tool to aid in the accurate diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of cancer patients. With FDG PET/CT, we strive to provide our patients with the most reliable and comprehensive imaging services for effective cancer care.

Bone Cancer Diagnosis F18- NaF

The diagnosis of bone cancer can be done through the use of F18-NaF PET/CT, which provides a higher quality and more accurate image of the bones compared to conventional bone scan procedures. This method is highly effective in detecting bone metastasis and can help guide patient management.

F18-PSMA: Advancing Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

F18-PSMA, a revolutionary PET scan utilizing a fluorine-labeled prostate-specific membrane antigen ligand, has garnered significant recognition on a global scale. This cutting-edge imaging technique is rapidly gaining popularity due to its exceptional capabilities in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis.

The use of F18-PSMA has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in detecting prostate cancer cells not only in regional lymph nodes but also in distant metastatic sites. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in the early identification of relapse sites following definitive treatment for the disease.

The remarkable sensitivity and specificity of F18-PSMA make it a valuable tool in accurately pinpointing the presence and extent of prostate cancer. By targeting the prostate-specific membrane antigen, this innovative PET scan provides unprecedented insights into the localization of cancerous cells.

At Medya Diagnostic Center, we understand the importance of F18-PSMA in prostate cancer management. Our experienced medical professionals are at the forefront of utilizing this groundbreaking technology, ensuring that our patients receive the most advanced and accurate diagnostic services for prostate cancer. With F18-PSMA, we aim to enhance early detection, precise staging, and effective monitoring of prostate cancer, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Other services in the PET/CT department

Expert Team

Periodic Maintenance

Nuclear Specialist

Multiple Signed Reports

Expert Nuclear Medicine Team with International Experience

Expert Team

Our PET/CT technologists are highly skilled and hold certifications in nuclear medicine. With over 20 years of international experience, they are equipped to deliver exceptional diagnostic imaging of the highest quality. Additionally, our dedicated medical assistants undergo comprehensive training to provide patient-centered care that exceeds expectations.

Ensuring the safety of our patients and staff is paramount. That’s why our department includes a radiation safety officer and a medical physicist who work in collaboration. Together, they maintain a safe environment by strictly adhering to radiation protocols and conducting regular quality control checks. These stringent measures are in accordance with international standards, including those set by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM).

At Medya Diagnostic Center, we take pride in our knowledgeable and experienced team. From our technologists to medical assistants, radiation safety officer, and medical physicist, each member plays a vital role in delivering superior care and upholding our commitment to excellence.

Expert Nuclear Medicine Team with International Experience

Our images are interpreted and reviewed by a team of trained subspecialty nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists. The PET/CT Scan Department is managed by a qualified group of nuclear medicine specialists with extensive international experience, including professionals from the UK and USA. With a combined expertise of nearly 30 years, our team ensures accurate and thorough evaluations, providing you with the highest standard of care.

Collaborative Interpretation for Enhanced Accuracy

For every PET/CT study, we ensure a comprehensive and reliable interpretation by involving two nuclear medicine physicians and a radiologist. This collaborative approach, with experts from both specialties working together, guarantees the highest level of accuracy and provides conclusive results you can trust.

Regular System Maintenance

To maintain optimal performance, our systems undergo frequent servicing and maintenance by trained international engineers. This diligent approach ensures that our systems operate in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and specifications, enabling us to obtain the highest quality images possible. Additionally, regular maintenance helps safeguard vital patient data, providing an added layer of protection for your information.

Anesthetic Services

For pediatric patients, individuals with claustrophobia, and those with special needs who may have difficulty remaining still during the scan, we offer a complimentary anesthetic service administered by a specialized medical doctor in anesthesia. This ensures their comfort and cooperation throughout the duration of the procedure.

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Advanced Imaging with Siemens Biograph 64

The Siemens Biograph 64 is an advanced whole-body scanner designed specifically for oncological imaging and diagnosis. It combines the capabilities of high-end spiral CT and PET technology into a single noninvasive procedure. With the Siemens Biograph 64, we can obtain exceptional images that provide detailed three-dimensional views of organ anatomy and biological processes at the molecular level, offering valuable insights for accurate diagnosis. Moreover, this cutting-edge scanner allows for significant reduction in x-ray dose (up to 65%) across all body regions, ensuring patient safety without compromising image quality.

Efficient Imaging Communication with RIS/PACS

At our facility, we utilize the advanced technology of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to streamline the communication process between our technologists and reporting radiologists. This state-of-the-art system enables seamless collaboration, ensuring accurate and precise interpretation of images and results. By leveraging the capabilities of RIS/PACS, we enhance efficiency in our imaging workflow, allowing for a more effective and timely delivery of diagnostic services.

PET/CT SCAN Department