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Medya Diagnostic Center PET/CT SCAN Department
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Medya Diagnostic Center is known for excellence in imaging services. We are proud that we were the first to establish PET/CT Scan technology for cancer diagnosis and staging in Iraq’s history PET/CT Scan technology for cancer diagnosis and staging is available at Medya Diagnostic Center.  The PET/CT Department is managed and supervised by a group of highly trained professionals with international expertise in nuclear medicine and radiological imaging.

From the acquisition of the image to its interpretation, images are individually tailored to address the specific clinical concerns of the referring clinicians. The results of our PET/CT scan will provide superior diagnostic capabilities which help physicians make accurate and timely diagnoses.

Our PET/CT technologists and nuclear medicine physicians work closely together to obtain the best possible results for the patients and their referring physicians. This partnership means our patients can be reassured they are in the best hands for finding an accurate diagnosis, which in turn results in more effective treatment and better outcomes.

We use sophisticated PET/CT devices and the latest techniques to support our clinical teams in the diagnosis of the full range of medical problems.




Knowledgeable staff

Nuclear Medicine Specialists


Multiple signed reports

Periodic Preventive Maintenance



We use Picture Archiving and communication System (PACS) to facilitate the communication between the technologists and the reporting radiologists to perform an excellent interpretation to the images/results.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of high quality patient-centered care

Our Mission

To provide unique, high quality medical services and compassionate patient care


The PET/CT Department is managed by a qualified team of a group of UK, US, and Pakistan based nuclear medicine specialists, two PET/CT Technologists and three Medical Assistants, medical physicist and radiation safety officer. At Medya Diagnostic Center, inter-departmental cooperation ensures that all PET/CT Scan patients get the best medical care in preparation for their appointment. This close working relationship between our clinical teams, assures our patients are receiving optimum care with the most accurate diagnosis.

Hemn Azeez Rahman

PET/CT Manager

Douglas A. Prager

Consultant Nuclear Medicine Physician

Shay Lee

Nuclear Medicine Physician

Maseeh Uz Zaman, MD

MD, MSc (Nuclear Medicine)

 Nosheen Fatima

MD, MSc (Nuclear Medicine)

Anwar Ahmed, Professor and MD


Waseem Mirza


Muhammad Nadeem


Muhammad Sabir Khan

Senior PET/CT Technologist


The Siemens Biograph 64 is a whole-body scanner ideal for oncological imaging and diagnosis with high-end spiral CT and PET performance using just one noninvasive procedure. The Siemens Biograph 6 produces excellent images that show three-dimensional anatomy and biological processes of organs at the molecular level with a large axial view. Significant x-ray dose reduction (up to 65 %) is possible for all body regions.


…are always striving to give the best quality medical care with a full spectrum of diagnostic services. Whether you need lab tests, imaging, consultant physicians, physiotherapy or a pharmacy – we can cater to your every need. Our patient centered model ensures uncompromising commitment and care to each individual patient.

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Telephone no.: 0750 0300 400 – 066 223 6633

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