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The Radiology Department at MDC provides patients with access to advanced imaging services through the latest diagnostic and treatment technology. Our Radiology department provides a high quality and comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging procedures using a range of modern specialist machines and techniques that create images of the structures and activities inside the body.
We use state-of-the-art imaging equipment and the latest techniques to support our clinical teams in the diagnosis of the full range of medical problems. GP referrals and private patients can also benefit from advanced imaging services, including Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), x-ray, ultrasound, Bone Mass density (BMD), Ultrasounds and color doppler and mammography. 
From routine diagnostic scans to highly advanced, non-invasive radiological interventions, the expertise of both our board-certified radiologist physicians and our experienced technologists runs the gamut of imaging care.
Along with offering extensive patient services, our imaging department at MDC owns a highly experienced and subspecialty team of radiologists and radiology technologists that provides an excellent interpretation to results of all the imaging studies which will help your doctor make accurate and timely diagnoses.

Our Services

We undertake a variety of examinations for GPs and hospital medical staff from plain radiographs (for example chest x-rays), ultrasounds, more complex CT and MRI scans, Ultrasound, Bone Densitometry and interventional procedures.
The Department has strict guidelines to ensure that the minimum radiation dose is given and keeps its equipment and staff up to date with the latest available technology. The type of scan or procedure used on patients usually depends on the symptoms and the part of the body that needs to be examined. 





Bone Densitometry





We use the medical information technology system of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) to facilitate the communication between the technologists and the reporting radiologists to perform an excellent interpretation of the images/results. We also use Radiology Information System (RIS) which is a networked software system for managing medical imagery and associated data. A RIS is especially useful for tracking radiology imaging orders and billing information and is often used in conjunction with PACS to manage image archives, record-keeping and billing. This allows the patients to access their medical history for at least 5 years after their last visit to our department.

Why MDC?

Knowledgeable Staff

Our technologists have extensive training and more than 10 years experience producing the highest quality diagnostic images.


Expert Radiologists

Our high-resolution images are interpreted and reviewed by trained, subspecialty radiologists. Specialized radiologists produce more accurate reports and have higher detection rates. Our reporting is standard international protocol.

Special Procedures

We perform some complex and special procedures that is not done anywhere else in the region.



Our highly trained and experienced physicians are responsible for interpreting your exam results, performing procedures such as interventional radiology procedures, and working with other doctors and specialists to provide accurate diagnostic services. At MDC, our team of Radiologists is all international board certified in radiology with most being fellowship-trained in the UK, US, France, Sweden, and Germany.

Medical Technologists


Our technologists have extensive training and more than 15 years of experience producing the highest quality diagnostic images in addition to offering the finest possible patient care. Your technologist will be the one performing many of the various types of exams, including X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Our technologists have advanced certifications in radiology and are dedicated to providing you with the best health care experience each and every time you are with us.

Nurses & Medical Assistants


Our experienced and caring nurses are here to assess and document your status during your visit so they may discuss your personalized needs with your physician. They will also provide you with the resources you need regarding your procedure and keep you informed as to what you can expect during your visit.

Dr. Media Salih

Dr. Deedar Farhad

Dr. Muhammed Hassan

Dr. Muhammad Rabee

Dr. Nidhal Shihab

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