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Health Care

Home Laboratory Services

Medya Diagnostic Center provides a variety of extensive home health care services.


Home Laboratory Services

Experience the convenience of our home laboratory services, where we collect your test specimens from your home or workplace upon your request.

Express Home Laboratory Services

Experience the convenience of our express home laboratory services, allowing you to have your specimens collected from the comfort of your home or workplace. For an additional fee, enjoy the added benefit of expedited delivery to the laboratory in less than an hour.

Home Specialist Consultation

Receive personalized medical care in the comfort of your own home with our dedicated team of specialist physicians and nurses. Our carefully selected specialists will visit you to conduct a thorough investigation, provide accurate diagnosis, and offer comprehensive management of your condition.

Home Physician Consultation

Experience the convenience of receiving essential medical care from the comfort of your own home. Our primary care physician and nurse will visit you, conducting initial investigations, offering medical advice, providing specialist referrals when necessary, and prescribing symptomatic treatment to ensure your well-being.

Home Nursing Care

Our comprehensive home-based nursing care services bring essential healthcare directly to your doorstep. Whether at your home or workplace, our skilled nurses are equipped to deliver a wide range of basic nursing services, ensuring you receive the care you need in a familiar and convenient environment.

Free Tests

Medya Diagnostic Center offer the following free tests.

Visual Acuity

Pulse Spirometry

Vital Signs